Stuff Multiplies Like Rabbits

How does one manage to collect so much ‘stuff’?  It’s everywhere.  This corner, that corner, heck it hides in the closets waiting to scare the daylights out of you.  It all multiplies like rabbits. clutter, downsizing, senior citizens Asking myself, “Why do I keep all this stuff?”  Not one good reason came to my head. On the other hand, a million good reasons came to my head as to why I should get rid of a whole lot of it.  Number one reason being it is such a pain in the neck cleaning around it.
Now that I am starting up my crafting business, money is tight.  Aha!  I could make some well needed cash off this stuff.  That really got me going.   Not to mention more room was needed to keep supplies and articles which were required to run the business.  Move out the no longer useful and move in the the bright new future.  Do not care what you call it, declutter, downsize, spring cleaning, whatever.  Fact remains it is too much stuff and it is cramping my style.  Thus I embark upon a mission of evicting all the unnecessary stuff began. 

Three piles are in the making which are being stored in the garage at the moment.  Can’t stand to look at the mess.  With only me to tackle this enterprise, it will take a bit of time. clutter, downsizing, clutter free, senior citizens Right now I am in my walk-in closet doing the old heave ho!   Pile one is the  keeper pile.  Things still necessary for my daily life.  However, there are a lot of clothes I no longer wear and will never wear again.  Not to mention dress shoes that have not been donned in, oh my goodness, 20 years.  Uproarious laughter as I wondered who I would cause to faint with that fashion statement.

This is where pile two starts to form.  All the things that have not been used in over six months.  Do believe those shoes fit the bill. Use it or lose it is now my motto.  Why, oh why, do I have  two jewelry boxes when I do not even have enough to fill one.  What is with this two of things anyway.  There are a lot of doubles in this house, i.e. two cases for first aide items, two boxes for hair brushes and bobbles, two containers of ‘save this stuff cause one day I might need it’.   Borderline hoarding is what I call that last double whammy.  This closet contains overflow of  nick knacks just collecting dust (oh I hate dusting..wonder why) as well as old lamps and pocketbooks (which is a whole other story). Toss, toss, toss…this is getting easier with every toss, actually downright exhilerating. Clutter, downsizing, clutter free, senior citizen

The last pile is the fling-it-in-the-trash box.  Belts that are so worn they look like dried up old snake skins, shoes with soles literally falling off, towels that are thread bare being saved ‘just in case’ in case of what I don’t have a clue.  This is a horror show now.  Never fear.  Close your eyes and lob them over in the corner into the trash box!

clutter free, downsizing, senior citizens, breakfastnookCut the clutter and cut the cleaning.   Simplify and streamline.  Less stuff more space.  Less stuff easier to find what I need.  Less stuff and my head is starting to feel less stuffed.   Aaaaaaaa, relief is on the way.

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I enthusiastically let go of the clutter and past now being ready and able to achieve future wonder!

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