Adventures in Vacuuming !


vacuums, cleaningBeen thinking.  That could be dangerous…I know but this time it is only about vacuum cleaners. Usually, I kill a vacuum in 18-24 months.  I love to vacuum and have a huge house..  Every time I buy a vacuum I change brands thinking another brand and model will last longer.  Nope.  Same old story 18-24 months and out shopping again.  Upright or canister makes no difference.  Bag or bagless all the same.  Brand or model makes all the same sad story.  Same old confusing what to buy next scenario.  Once I actually flipped a coin the frustration level was so high. I hated shopping in the first place so and this was definitely not fun whatsoever.  UNTIL! ! ! ! ! !

I discovered Dyson.  Was not going to buy it because it was so darned expensive.  No way that is just crazy because I will probably need one again in two years. The was a relatively new brand of vacuum so how did I know it was really any good.  Do not think so Dyson!  All you vacuum guys say your vacuum is the best and the commercials are fantastic BUT….  I went homevacuumless.

Well, I went home and pondered.  Found information online which I was reading over.  When I tested the suction at the store, it was amazing and far better than any vacuum I had had previously.  Reading all the parts and pieces of the vacuum and how to take it all apart in case of a clog was a real bonus. Other vacuums would clog quite easily especially living with three females having long long hair. Had all sorts of weird tools concocted to get the clog out. Dyson showed exactly how to take their vacuum apart and put it back together.  Not only taking it apart for clogs but actually washing and cleaning out the dust residue which eventually causes all vacuums to give off a dirty dusty smell in the exhaust.  Then there was one especially with extra suction for pet hair. Interesting.  All models are bagless.  I was not going to run out of bags in the middle of a cleaning session.  Extremely easy to just pop open and empty.  Hmmm, this is getting better. I remember testing the one at the store. It is not self-propelled but lightweight enough to push and pull even on a carpet.  I went back and forth between the several models they had.  Not so many models as today but enough to make me weigh options.  Okay Dyson…I’m taking a leap of faith here.

I headed out to the store the next day.  Made a purchase of the pet model which I have not regretted once in 14 years.  Never had one problem.

Dyson, cleaning, vacuum

This is my special baby!  Still going strong and never upset about a clogs or dirty smells.   Never regretted the price.  The vacuum is made to last and last she does.  None of the hoses have cracked or split.  All the other vacuums were held together by duct tape with split hoses.

I surely do not want to forget how well it picks up all the little bits and pieces I manage to scatter about doing crafts.  Pieces or paper, ribbon, silk flower, wood splinters, plaster dust, you name it and gone in one swipe!  Good right!   My daughter’s Dyson is ten years old now working just as well as the day she bought it.

Actually, I did have one problem.  Tallulah was a puppy and she hated, I mean hated, my vacuum. She was on a mission to kill it!  If I left it out in her view, she would stand there growling at it and end up barking probably yelling at it to leave the house and not return.  One day, I was outside to take the trash to the curb.  I left the vacuum in the kitchen because I was going to vacuum after removing all the trash.  Well, I am so grateful it was not plugged in because Tallulah decided to to strangle the cord with her teeth. I saw she had made it through the cord casing to the inner core.  Oh boy that freaked me out.  I put a good covering of electric tape and have no problems.  I also began putting the vacuum in a closed closet whenever, even for a minute, was leaving it unattended.  Oh Tallulah, Tallulah……you silly pup.

I surely do not want to forget how well it picks up all the little bits and pieces I manage to scatter about doing crafts.  Pieces or paper, ribbon, silk flower, wood splinters, plaster dust, you name it and gone in one swipe!  Good right!

I may have spent a small fortune to purchase this vacuum.  However, think of all the money I have saved not having to buy a new vacuum every two years or less.  The Dyson has more than paid for itself not only in the money but stress and aggravation.  Have never had a clog to worry about.  With the great suction, that problem is nonexistent.  Speaking of the suction, it is as good today as the day I bought it.  That in itself is amazing.

So, there is no wonder as I downsize and will be in an RV I am looking at a cordless Dyson to fill the bill. Dyson, cleaning, vacuum Compact and easy to stow.  Breaks down into a hand held vacuum which can be really hand, especially in small quarters.Dyson, cleaning, vacuum upright Dyson.





All the same wonderful qualities as my upright Dyson.  There are attachments like the upright.  No trick is lost in making this model.  Awesome!  Expensive yes but  know there will be no regrets.   My daughter has already purchased one and loves it.  She has 4 girls and two large dogs running around,  making it so quick and easy to to clean up a mess, including her nemesis all that dog fur.

I get no kickback from Dyson. Just feel strongly that when something good is finally manufactured, it should be  related to others.  This is a throw-away society.  A Dyson is built to last not to throw away in two years. This is just how happy I have been owning my Dyson.  Vacuuming just doesn’t get any easier than with a Dyson!

“Sincerity is the highest complement you can pay”
Ralph Waldo Emerson