Fun Times with the Strange, Weird, and Unusual

There are a lot of sites on the web that leave me asking why, what’s the purpose, who in their right mind, amazing, who would have ever thought of that and even I like that one!   It is fun to see what other people are thinking about and how they are expressing it in their personal creative way.  Though I do not always understand or see eye to eye, I always appreciate the time and effort put into what other people see as artistic creations or pertinent informational sources.  In my journey through pointless, weird, and unusual web sites, I was greatly rewarded with a lot of grins and giggles and even some wonderful entertainment.  Check it out…People are fantastic.,-81.57/7This first site,  Flight Radar 24, is really rather interesting.  It tracks every single flight around the world that is in the air at that very moment.  You can click on a single plane and a side bar arises to tell you exactly what flight it is and where it originated, where it is bound, etc.  You can track family and friends coming to visit you and know just where they are.   Really kind of interesting.  Really kind of unnerving especially along the eastern seaboard of the US where it is very congested. Flight controllers really have their hands full.

If you are curious and wondering how the world will end and just what will happen during the process, you need to look up on Exit Mundi.  You will find just about every end of the world scenario there is. Click on your choice of endings and see the hideous events that will transpire.  You can’t run nor can you hide from those messed up endings.  Me, I have no desire to know so just surprise me!  I’ve read enough of the site to keep me up at nights for several months now.

Are you feeling lonely, sad, just having a icky day.  This web site will brighten everything up for you.  Here there are great big smiles and hugs for all!  No way can you go away feeling still icky, you’ve just visited The Nicest Place on the Internet.  Please, add your own hug for us all!  I really thought this was one fantastic idea and glad someone came up with it.

Like baked beans?  You have to see the crazy site Beans This is the kind of site I ask, “Why?”  Can’t quite figure out the purpose. A bit sadistic maybe. Definitely has a weird factor.  It did kind of remind me when I was 4-years-old sitting on the front side walk squishing ants one by one.  Gross!


I love popping bubble wrap.  In fact, I mentioned a while back how I bought some bubble wrap for packing up some boxes to mail.  As I pulled the bubble wrap from the shopping bag, I unconsciously began popping those delightful little bubbles. Snap, snap, snap…..Wait!!!!  I need this stuff.  LOL   Do you crave bubble wrap?  Love  popping bubble wrap, well here you go! This is popping bubble wrap with a twist !

Here is a fun site.  You will not get bored with all these little doo dads to play with at Neave Interactive .   Time consuming because they are addicting. Tetris, Hexagone, Tic Tac Toe, and a cool little game of Pixel Dust just to amuse you and very cool  Do you have errands to do?  Wait till you get back home or you will never leave.

I’m sure you have had those dreams where you are falling, falling, falling.  Reexperience the event right here with unending falling, falling, falling.  Again, why does this site exist?  Beats me.

Try this one out.  If you get seizures or migraines are triggered by flashing, this site is not for you.   It is called Staggering Beauty.   Just where the beauty is I still wonder.  Was amusing though.  Weird, pointless and laughable as you thrash the little wormy guy about.  Kind of like gummy worm gone wild.

Hope you have a lot of time and extreme patience because this site will drive you bonkers.  Patience is a Virtue  Just do not hang around too long because even Job will not win at this one.

 Radiolize was actually pretty cool.  I listened to all sorts of oldies and some were really really oldies let me tell you.  Apparently, this site randomly goes through various radio stations. Kind of a Pot Luck of musical entertainment.  Just leave it playing in another window. I did and was listening to the oldies…having a good time!

Here is a great site to take you  randomly to a plethora of Useless Web Sites . I surely would not want you to miss anything.  There are thousands upon thousands of these weird, useless, pointless, cute, amusing, fun little sites. I’m sure I could never cover them all. If you feel you have still missed something, try again using the Bored Button This is a large red button that once again will take you on a randomized pointless funny journey.

Last but not least.  Watch it wiggle, see it jiggle…..  jello! ! ! We all love our jello.

Will probably do another blog of these never ending sites.  You can spend so much time wandering about checking each one out but you’d laugh a lot and have a good time in the process.  Just make sure you have a huge chunk of time to spare once you get started! You may want to set your alarm clock.  It’s like Lays potato chips….Bet you can’t eat (watch) one.

“Be silly, be honest, be kind.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The world goes around more smoothly with silliness…the silliness of many web sites now a days.  Works for me!  Do remember to be kind even though silly.