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crafting, DIY, paint, homemade

I am always looking for fresh new ideas in craftwork.  Unfortunately, this can be rather time consuming. Therefore, I decided to make a list of various craft sites with video tutorials.  This will make things easier than wallowing through search engines ever time.  Search engines are fantastic but can bring up a lot of unrelated items that you are not exactly what you are looking for.  So, making a web page with lists just makes life a whole lot simpler for me and hopefully you. Bookmark the page and you will have it at your finger tips as well. 

crafting, DIY, paint, homemadeThis post will be a general list of video tutorials of craft ideas and how to. I love videos because you see it actually being done right in front of you.  Written instructions are important but sometimes confusing to interpretation.  This was so true when I was learning the crocodile stitch in crochet.  No matter how many times I followed the directions something was discombobulated.  When I found a You Tube video and followed it along as the instructor performed the stitch, I ended up with a perfect stitch.  I love the crocodile stitch.  It is a yarn hog but so warm and so pretty.

crafting, DIY, paint, homemade


  • Arts and Crafts This is mostly for kids and really nice with simple projects to more complicated for older kids.  They all can be adapted to an adult level with different material quality.
  • Craft Videos All these videos are on You Tube.  Everything from card making, drawing,  paper crafts, jewelry making, etc.
  • Decorative Painting Videos There are many many teachers on You Tube for decorative painting.  Each is incredibly talented and need checking out.
  • Fav Crafts This site has just about anything one can imagine related to crafting.  Candles & Soap, Crochet, Needlework, Scrapbook Techniques, Glass, Kid Crafts, on and on.  Great source.
  • Fav Crafts  More Fav Crafts with flowers made from plastic spoons, as well as much more.  I particularly love those flowers.  It’s amazing they are from a spoon!
  • Felt Flowers
  • Dahlias Large paper dahlias.  There is no video for this but these flowers are large and gorgeous.
  • Clothes Pin Craft Mostly for kids but good recommendation in markers and cool ideas.
  • DIY Home and Craft Videos This is a favorite of mine.  A painted pine cone wreath for any season.  They look like gorgeous flowers (big zinnias).  Color coordinate with any season.  Use inside or out.
  • How To Crochet If you are left-handed, there is a instruction tutorial to get you  up and working.  A lot of instructional videos for beginners here and some simpler projects.
  • The Crochet Crowd This man, Mikey, is amazing in what he can do.  He will crochet along with you for an entire project.  Amazing!
  • General You Tube A list of general crafts including origami, using plastic bottles, paper crafts.
  • Clippeo Many different crafts including paper beads.
  • Silhouette Dog Portrait If you love your pup, you’ll want to try this.  I just need to get my little Doxie to sit still LOL.  Awesome way to keep memories.  I would do the silhouettes in traditional black on white background with black frame.  Just my style.
  • Dog Bed Next time you see someone throw out an old end table…Grab It!!!  Then make your little queen or king pup a new bed.  What an incredible transformation.
  • Embroidery Hoop Crafting I was glad to find this, as I have several old hoops I was looking to do something with.  Mesmerizing designs as colorful as you desire.  Check it out!
  • TLC Inspirations  Ideas and more ideas.


I love watching these just to get ideas and make sure I’m doing things correctly. It was this project that caused me to start making my video listings.

These are some of the best sites I have relied upon for information on how to and ideas to enhance my own ideas.  Videos are such fantastic training tools. Seeing the actual hands on is a real motivation for me.  I am off now to finish up a few projects and get to work on organizing all the dollhouse pieces. Sanding the edges for good fits.  The dollhouse is my new learning curve and believe you me there will be mistakes upon which I can improve.  Have fun!

Leave me a comment…let me know what you are working on or wondering.

“Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Never be afraid to start a new task.  Without work and effort nothing is accomplished.  Work for it.  You may make mistakes or as I prefer to say, ” You will encounter a learning curve.”  Go for it!

crafting, DIY, paint, homemade