No Candy Easter Baskets

crafts, senior citizens, bunnyI am not a huge advocate of filling a basket full of candy for Easter. Rather, I have turned to all sorts of fun things to play with or read or ornaments as keepsakes.  Naturally I opt for the ornaments, as I’m a huge decorative painter.  Always have figurines and paintings for the occasion ready to go.  Stuffed toys can overrun your home. There are just so many stuffed fuzzies one can accumulate. Other than craftwork and stuffed rabbits, what can you do for an Easter basket rather than candy.  It’s spring, the kids are ready to run out the door and play nonstop in the mild weather.  So, here we go.  I have come up with a list of  many  things to pop into a basket and light up little eyes.  

  • Bath soaps and bath bombs.
    Easter, soaps
    Bath Soaps

    I have never had an argument about bath time when specialty soaps were involved.

  • Bath toys are not only for the tub but outside in the pool.Easter, toys, bath
  • Nail Polish If you have little girls I bet they love painting their finger and toe nails.  What a delight to get some new spring colors.
  • Cars & Trucks Have little boys?  Matchbox cars or Hotwheels are a sure hit.
  • Books All children love their bedtime stories.  Older children love their chapter books or novels.  You have fiction, nonfiction, biography, science, history just a plethora of topics to hold their interest.
  • Easter, toys, jumprope, light up jumpropeJump RopesThere are some pretty fancy jump ropes these days.  Some light up, have tassels and jingles.  Check them out!
  • Frisbees For the kids and the dog!
  • Socks Easter Bunny socks!   Jelly Bean socks.  Easter Chick socks!
  • Easter T-Shirts With the Easter Bunny or a bright springtime theme.
  • Play Doh Everybody loves play dough!  Check out Amazon.  They have Play Doh in eggs!  Pretty pastel colors.
  • Jax  Check out how to play…click Jax.  A great old game that has withstood the test of time.
  • Bubbles If you have a dog, try bacon bubbles!  If you have a cat, try catnip bubbles!  The kids will have a blast.
  • Easter coloring book and new crayons.
  • Easter Egg Hunt with eggs filled with small change.
  • Marbles I still have my marble collection from when I was a kid (1950’s).   How to play marbles.
  • Easter Legos Easter, Lego
  • Bug Flashlights
  • Bug Catching Kits Try the Dollar Store for these.Easter, flashlight
  • Sidewalk Chalk 
  • YoYos
  • Kites and Streamers
  • Wubbles!
  • Balls any ball!  Small, large, medium szied.  Kids love balls.
  • Easter Bunny sunglasses.
  • Puzzles of all kinds.
  • Pinwheels.
  • Water Rockets Easter, water rocket
  • Sand Toys
  • Easter Movie 
  • Basket full of arts and crafts supplies!
  • Balsa Airplanes  Easter, balsa airplanes
  • Parachute Men  Easter, parachute men



As you can see, there are a zillion things small enough for the basket that are not candy. What type of toys did you get when you were a child.  I’m sure your kids would love to try them as well.  A great way to tell them some family history, too.  Kids will have  forever memories with these types of gifts and interactions.  Enjoy your Easter.  I do add a small chocolate rabbit because what is Easter without a chocolate bunny!

“The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

It does not take huge acts or expensive items to create a fantastic memory for a lifetime.


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