Carolyn’s RV Life

RV, boondocking, travelThis is one amazing lady who totally recreated her life in April 2016.  At the age of 48, Carolyn sold everything she owned, purchased a 23-year-old, 29-foot Class C RV and hit the road.RV, booondocking She was accompanied only by her best friend, Capone, a big furry lovable canine. Once  on the  open road, things began to sink in.  She was on her own with everything she owned in this world packed into the RV.  A scary moment when she realized that everything she knew about living was now obsolete.  The gave up a very good job and a relationship offering all the comforts money can buy.  It was all swapped out for something totally unknown and so very different than anything experienced previously.  No looking back now.  She pressed onward in her new life journey.   Continue reading “Carolyn’s RV Life”

Treasury of Links — I Share With You

time to improveToday, I have been working on setting up my bookmarks for everyone to enjoy. Just wanted to share the great things I am finding throughout my travels on the web.  I especially like the free sites with free patterns or lessons. I am all about learning how to do something and doing it myself.  I will be adding new links on and off in the future.  I will post them in a contrasting color making them stand out as new.   I hope you enjoy.

Click here for list —  TREASURY OF LINKS

You Made What?!

For every person alive, there is a creative idea.  Some follow trends while others are way off the beaten path.  Here are some of the creative minds that have utilized very different materials with amazing results.

Wang Huaping is  living in Tianjin where he is a well known artist. Carving eggs is his specialty which requires a very light touch so as not to crack the egg.  In 2010, he increased his already extensive collection by taking up portraits.  To celebrate the Soccer World Cup, he began to carve portraits of the players. Along with this, he also carved mascots and logos of the World Cup.craft, art, DIY

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Fascinating Vintage Photographs

vintage, photography, oddities, headless manVintage photos certainly can be reminiscent, entertaining, mesmerizing, or downright creepy.  Some are just so darned peculiar one can determine just what these people were thinking or what they were trying to express.  It all seems far to strange in this modern day or does it.  Nevertheless, it is extremely intriguing to take a glimpse into the past to see what people were up to.  I am making reference to the photography of the 1800’s. or early 1900’s. When cameras  were just developing and people were getting creative with this new and strange device. Very creative………Now here is a fun filled photo to send home to mom after your spring break.  She will be thrilled! Really do not know who, what or why this picture was taken but definitely up there on the strange and unusual list.

These photos were quite a process to make.  It required combing multiple negatives to produce just one image.  vintage, photography, oddities, headless couple

What was their fasciation with the headless., as there are just hundreds of these photos. Quite the sense of humor or quite the ghoulish fascination of the time.   Continue reading “Fascinating Vintage Photographs”

A Sea of Knowledge and Creativity – Pinterest

Pinterest, knowledge,

Whoever thought up Pinterest surely hit the mother lode. Pinterest is an idea catalogue, informational resource, and a nice walk down memory lane.  One can enjoy the web search efforts of others to enhance whatever genre they are interested.  From fashion, recipes, crafts, humor, vintage toys and lunch boxes, school work,  history right on to the strange postmortem photography and on and on. Find whatever interests you and be linked to specific sites containing in depth information on your specific topic. Pinterest is like a huge search engine for the those seeking more knowledge,  just the curious seeking entertainment or perhaps a sales person seeking a venue.  Things you have not seen or thought of in years will pop up somewhere on Pinterest for great nostalgia.  Regardless of your interest, Pinterest will have something to offer on just about every topic.  Continue reading “A Sea of Knowledge and Creativity – Pinterest”

Flea Patrol

DIY, fleas, dogs, natural flea treatment

Living out here in the sand and with a little dog that is so low to the ground (a dachshund), fleas are a nightmare.  It does not help when Little Dog decides to take a nap in smack dab in the middle of the sand.  You think he would aim for the grass but oh no always has to be sand.   No sooner do I get rid of them and guess what….itch, itch, itch….cycle starts all over again.  All the chemicals scare me.  I can not keep using them on him for fear they will harm his health and longevity.  Therefore, I am looking for safer ways to control this situation.  So, here we go.  This is my new plan.  Continue reading “Flea Patrol”

Rocks That Grow, Move and Multiply By Themselves!

trovant, geology, stones, oddities, strangeMother Nature goes to work creating odd and mysterious rocks.  Brilliant colors, endless shapes, trick crooks and crannies.  But how!

They are called trovants.  Stones that grow when it rains,  move on their own volition, and seem to reproduce as well.  What! Somebody is pulling my leg here. Just couldn’t leave this one alone and did some digging to find out exactly what was going on.  Just when you think you have heard it all.   At first glance, I though these were mushrooms gone wild.  No, they are actually stones gone wild.

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Urban Exploration Artistic Photography

abandonedThe urban explorer spends his time investigating abandoned homes, businesses, hospitals, railway stations, etc.  They find a certain artistic value in the decay and neglect. I have to agree.  Some of their pictures are absolutely stunning and really hit home.  Often times, they will relate the history of a property and why it has been abandoned.  Each story is unique in circumstances but are joined in the sadness that what one once worked so hard to procure  now lays in ruin. Other times, there is nothing to go on other than subtle clues left behind within the rubble. Continue reading “Urban Exploration Artistic Photography”

The Birth of a Victorian Dollhouse

Victorian, dollhouse, DIY, creative, crafting, craft painting

I am about to embark upon a huge project…a Victorian dollhouse that was supposed to have been made many many years ago.  As I was cleaning out for my downsize,  I found our dollhouse kit.   My husband was going to build pieces of furniture and embellish the outside design. I hoped for a wrap around porch.  He was a fantastic woodworker and had built glass front bookcases, dressers, etc.  When he passed away, the dollhouse became a insignificant project pushed out of sight. During the process of cleaning out the house and downsizing, I found our precious dollhouse.  It is up to me to perform this task now.  This dollhouse will not be as illustrious as planned, as I unfortunately do not have the wonderful woodworking skills as my late husnand had.   I was to be the interior decorator embellishing and painting furniture and walls, wall paper, drapery, as well as the exterior enhancer with traditional Victorian color scheme, flower pots,  porch swing, anything else that struck my fancy.  This is a project long over due…so very long over due.  Here we go!

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